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Stripe Checkout WHMCS Payment Gateway Module

Fully featured Stripe Checkout WHMCS payment gateway module suitable for one time charges and it's 100% PCI compliant.
0. Open source, with plenty of comments and after sales support.
1. 100% PCI Compliant, this module uses Stripe Checkout to collect credit card information.
2. No local card storage.
3. Supports Partial and full refund.
4. Automated Fees calculation.
5. Optional CVC and zipcode/postcode checks.
6. Full control over payment gateway configuration, detailed admin logs and test mode switch.
7. Multi-currency support.
8. Alipay and Bitcoin Support.
NOTE: This module uses Stripe Checkout, making it 100% PCI compliant.
Comes with our awesome customer support.

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moStripe is Stripe Checkout payment gateway module for WHMCS, supporting latest version only.

Please feel free to contact us for support or reporting bugs.

Fax: +44 (0) 207 993 6747
Mobile: +44 (0) 7 88 55 68 402

Prepare your moStripe Module

1. Firs you will need to install the module on your WHMCS website.
1.1. Upload "modules" folder to root folder where WHMCS is installed.
Note: If your FTP client tries to overwrite, abort in first instant.
Copy the content of the "gateways" folder and upload to your server.
Note: In the "gateways" folder there is a callback folder, upload the content of "callback" folder to your server.

upload path eg: (XXX represents stripe API version)

Your typical WHMCS folder structure

WHMCS Folder structure


moStripe Folder Structure after unzip

moStripe Folder Structure

Activate the Gateway Module

2. Activate the payment gateway module.
2.1. Login to WHMCS admin area.
2.2. From top menu "Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways"
Find "Stripe Payment Gateway" and activate the module.

Activate Stripe Payment Gateway Module

Activate Stripe Payment Gateway Module


Configure your payment gateway Module

3. Once activated, configure the basic admin config set
3.2. SMS notification service is provided via, contact them directly.

Configuration Set

moStripe Configuration

Configuration help:

1. You can find your Stripe test and live secret and publishable keys from your Stripe account settings > API Keys

Navigate to your Stripe Account Setting
Stripe Account Settings

Your API Keys
Stripe Keys

2. You can enable CVC, Address and zipcode check on your transactions. This will be logged in the WHMCS gateway log under a failed transaction.

3. You have the choice to enable and disable SMS notifications (not included by default).

4. You can also enable and disable test transaction. For testing transactions, make sure your Stripe account is also set to test mode.

Stripe Test and Live Switch
Stripe Test/Live switch

Alipay support

1. Simply activate the Alipay option in your Stripe settings area and Stripe checkout will automatically enable the Alipay option for Chinese users.
For more information please visit: Strip Checkout + Alipay