Please backup your files and database before do anything !!!

Install WHMCS Portal Template - Responsio

  1. This portal template requires for WHMCS version 5.2.3. If you're running a previous version, please upgarde your system before install this template.
  2. Extract and upload all files and folders in 'whmcs-responsio-xxxx/whmcs/*.*' to your server where with whmcs installed.
  3. Open 'whmcs/responsio/config.php' and fill up all required variables
  4. Insert the following text strings into your language files. You can found that in whmcs/lang/overrides/*.php. If file doesn't existing, then you have to create it. The filename should be same exactly as the master language file in whmcs/lang/*.php. You can found more information about 'Overriding Language Strings' by visit this article :

Install WordPress Theme - Isaac

  1. This WordPress theme requires for WordPress version 3.5.x. If you're running a previous version, please upgarde your system before install this theme.
  2. Upload the folder 'css3pie' into the root directory of your webserver.
  3. Install the template package '' by Appearance -> Themes -> Install Themes -> Upload.
  4. Activate the new theme 'Isaac' and install the required plugins. You'll be asked to do it after activated your theme.
  5. Go to -> WordPress admin -> Theme Settings and configure all required settings.
  6. You must import the sample articles by
  7. Configure the widgets area -> Appearance -> Widgets. Below is some example for your reference.
  8. Configure the menus -> Appearance -> Menus -> Theme Locations. You're supposed to select 'Main' as the default menu for 'Primary' and 'Responsive'
  9. You can modify the menu's items later by visiting Appearance -> Menus.

Accessing the new portal template

The installation and configuration is done now. Before publish the new themes to public, you can visiting the new portal template by the temporary url like this: